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    Printing is only a part of what we do.
    Our primary business is to serve our customers’ needs
    for printed marketing and communication materials.
  • We are specialists in.
    Offset Printing.
    UV Printing.
    Blister Varnish
    Hot Stamping Foil Work
    + and much more
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At Sithma Associates printing is only a part of what we do. Our primary business is to serve our customers' needs for printed marketing and communication materials. This requires Sithma Associates to focus on more than just applying ink to paper. We are in a constant process of self improvement on every front; from our services and processes to our equipment and Social Responsibility.

  • Technology-driven. Customer-focused.
  • Doing It All. All Under One Roof.
  • Employeeing the best of the best.
To be recognized as a leader from humble beginnings to a powerful entity in the printing arena and to be amongst the leading printers in the region.
To pursue excellence in printing with innovation, integrity and committ-ment, and be a strong supporting arm to our customers, to the society at large and create a better and pleasing environment.
We at Sithma Associates (Pvt.) Limited are committed to provide printing packaging and advertising solutions for our customers’ requirements to enhance the satisfaction of all stakeholders in the supply chain. In order to accomplish above we maintain a quality management system complying with ISO 9001:2015 at our organization.
We are committed to:-
  • Excellence in solution provision of offset printing.
  • Produce quality first time right and being faster and competitive.
  • Continuously innovate and improve our products as a habit.
  • Meet all industry related regulatory and statutory requirements of the country.
To do so, we will:-
  • Develop the competence of all employees.
  • Continually improve our processes.
  • Select suppliers who meet our requirements consistently.
  • Ensure that the infrastructure and environment conducive with state of the art technology
  • Sustaining our organization through timely reactions to all risks and opportunities arise in the internal and external context and dealing with stakeholders’ needs and expectations.
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We do Printing.

You need a printer that you can rely on. Our approach is very simple. We give you the promoise in providing you the best all-round printing service with our experience and state of the art technology.

We do Packaging.

Providing you bespoke packaging solutions tailor made to your marketing and promotional aims suiting your specific budget.

We do UV Printing.

UV Varnish is a liquid laminate that is bonded with UV light. A varnish applied after the printing is done, either as an overall finish to give a high gloss finish, or applied as a spot varnish to certain previously printed images, then cured using UV light. We have the capacity to do 4 colour UV Printing.

We do Blister Varnish.

Blister packaging consist of two elements, the printed and coated blister card and the plastic blister. In a sealing process, the blister card and the blister are combined with each other by pressure and heat. The coating film and the blister soften, melt into each other and form a compound.

We do Hot Stamping Foil Works.

We work with your concepts and themes to manufacture patterned foils and foils to match and complement your products and designs.

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Harendra Ganewatta - Managing Director & CEO

We've built a team of people, implemented processes and invested in equipment, but ultimately, what makes Sithma Associates a leader in the print industry is our ability to understand and respond to our customers' needs... to your needs.


Books, Magazines, Annual Reports, Brochures, Posters, Stickers and many more....

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At Sithma Associates printing is only a part of what we do. Our primary business is to serve our customers' needs for printed marketing and communication materials.

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